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“Starting a choir here with Friends of the Elderly was a great experience for me. It all began with the Christmas Choir where I got to know typical Friends Of The Elderly ChoirIrish Xmas songs the elderly told me about. In addition, I taught them some German songs which are well known in my home country (Germany) during the Christmas time. This was great fun and the little concert we gave around christmas was something special for the elderly and for me. I was so happy to be able to continue my little choir in the new year and to see them all enjoying our little music sessions. I decided to focus on old and new songs which are well known from shows, theatre plays, musicals and movies. I was so happy to give some of my musical skills and a little bit of my favourite music to the elderly and I´m so thankful for all the members in my choir to come down every week and to appreciate and enjoy the two hours we spent together. I´m really proud of all of them!” Nadine 2015/2016

“When I was packing my luggage a year ago I couldn’t imagine how great the next twelve months were going to be at Friends of the Elderly. The members of the Wednesday Club have shown me that age is not important to have fun and… Even they have more energy than me! The three elders that I have been visiting are so different between them but at least, with one thing in common, the loneliness. It is incredibly to realize what 2 hours of your week can mean for them. It was, without any doubt, the part of the project that I have enjoyed more, probably because I didn’t expect how much I was going to receive. I am glad to continue my life in Dublin and can keep my friendship with them. As one of them says: I am your Irish-grandma! And finally, of course, the volunteers and staff that I have met along this way, everybody too different from the other. But these have never minded and they made me feel at home. I’m bringing with me a full year loaded with great moments.” Silvia – Spain 2014/2015

“It’s amazing how quick a year can fly by and I have to say I’m going to miss every member of Friends of the Elderly sadly. I will miss the joy everyone is bringing to the club, the music, the dancing and all the friendly faces. I will miss to visit people and making friendly calls. I learned a lot this year. I made friends for a lifetime and gained professional skills.  I worked with an amazing staff and they were like a family to me. It was through Friends of the Elderly that I was lucky enough to be introduced to so many lovely elderly, who have amazed me with their kindness. It’s amazing to see how social the members are here and if people are not enthusiastic to dance they making them dance just with their joy.I would like to say thank you to all the people that shared this fantastic year with me.” Astrid – Austria 2014/2015