Mission & Values

Our M1X9A0103ission

Friends of the Elderly Ireland is an Irish, non-profit, volunteer-based organisation committed to relieving social isolation and loneliness among the elderly through friendship and companionship.

Our Values 

Friends of the Elderly Ireland have always been inspired by the following fundamental values:

“The unique and irreplaceable worth of each human being and the dignity of each man and woman, whatever their origin, their beliefs, their situation and their physical, psychological or social state.”

Friends of the Elderly Ireland enables older members, volunteers, staff and donors to share these values.

Everyone needs people who care about them. It is not complicated and only requires the little touches that bring joy like flowers, music and shared laughter. Friends of the Elderly Ireland encourages the establishment and maintenance of personal and social links. The worth of each person’s life is highlighted by the value Armand Marquiset placed on giving “flowers as well as bread”.

Our Aims

Friends of the Elderly Ireland aim through collective action to:

  • Bring friendship to older people who feel lonely and socially isolated
  • Promote respect for each persons dignity by increasing their confidence and self esteem
  • Foster independence and help our older friends to feel part of their community
  • Liaise with statutory agencies and voluntary groups in an effort to improve the quality of life of those referred to Friends of the Elderly Ireland
  • Improve the services provided for the older person by highlighting the difficulties they face
  • Celebrate the life of the older person and to increase awareness of the important contribution they have to offer
  • Provide inter-generational links where friendships develop between our older members and younger volunteers