Christmas Gala—Better Late Than Never

Christmas Gala

Our annual Christmas Gala is usually the headlining social event of the year for our members. For some members, especially those without family, it is the only Christmas celebration they will have.

This year, it was even more than that. After having to cancel the event in 2020 due to restrictions and facing the possibility of cancelling it again in 2021, we decided to simply postpone it until it was safe. After two years of telling older people to self-isolate away from their loved ones and promising them that better days were ahead, we were finally able to give them one of those better days.

That day we proved to our members—and to ourselves—that friendship will see us through and difficult times, and when we come out the other side together, we can finally laugh and dance together again.

Thank you for the support that we received from RTE who covered our event on the Six-One news …

Friends of the Elderly group parties like it’s 2019 (