WATCH: Friends of the Elderly through COVID

When: 30 Sep 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted countless lives across Ireland, but its detrimental impact on the elderly was tenfold: they were more vulnerable to the disease itself, as well as the lonely effects of isolation.

Our members were isolated and vulnerable, but we made sure they weren’t alone. During the first lockdown when they were afraid to even step outside, we delivered hampers of groceries to their houses. We made sure they had someone to call when they were lonely. When they couldn’t be with their families on Christmas, we delivered Christmas meals to them.

We did everything we could to make such a scary time in their lives just a little bit more bearable, and we will do it all again if we have to. In the meantime, we are cherishing, more than ever, our ability to be among friends again—in-person!