Complaints Procedures

Friends of the Elderly Ireland (Little Brothers) Limited

Friends of the Elderly Ireland (‘FOTE’) welcomes comments, suggestions and complaints about its performance and conduct in the discharge of its duties and responsibilities. This feedback may come from or members, volunteers, service providers, the general public and other charities.

  • FOTE welcomes all feedback and regards complaints as opportunities to review practices, procedures and identify areas for improvement.
  • FOTE acknowledges that both the complainant and FOTE as a service provider have an equal voice and are of equal importance in our complaints process. The emphasis will be on a positive resolution of complaints where possible.
  • FOTE is committed to a complaints process that operates in a professional manner in the spirit of natural justice and is fair, transparent, not prejudiced and impartial.
  • FOTE is committed to resolving complaints in an effective and timely manner and uses an early resolution approach to complaints wherever possible. When addressing a complaint, we will keep the complainant informed of how we are doing with your complaint within the timeframes stated below.

If you have a complaint regarding any aspect of our fundraising, please contact Deborah Costello Fundraising and Communications Manager, copying the General Manager (details below):

All other complaints can be discussed with the Manager, Bernie Curran

Please mark all correspondence ‘Strictly private and confidential’