Thank you for your donation

Thank you for your generous donation to Friends of The Elderly.
Your generous gift to us today, will help us reach an older person who is sitting in fear, loneliness and isolation.

COVID-19 is a challenging time for all of us. But, your support today will help us reach those who need Friends of the Elderly. Older people are the most vulnerable in our society – together we can help them.

Your donation will help us to continue making Friendly Calls and providing much needed food to those who need our help.

Most importantly, your gift today, will ensure that when the dust settles and we return to ‘normal’ daily life, Friends of the Elderly can open their doors, put the kettle on and welcome our older members back – for them loneliness and isolation is 52 weeks a year, but together we can beat this.

Thank you, for being a generous friend of the elderly.

Warm regards,
Chris Carroll
Hon President