Friendly Call Service

Would you like to hear a friendly voice?

The Friendly Call Service offers our older friends the opportunity to receive a regular telephone call from one of our trained part time volunteers. The aim of the call is to share conversation and offer support. The service is available to anyone who feels that they would benefit from having a regular chat with a caring and compassionate Friends of the Elderly Team Member.

Benefits of the Friendly Call Service

  • The service is confidential and free of charge.
  • The hours are flexible between 9am & 6pm, Mon-Sun.
  • It is a less direct form of contact for anyone uncomfortable with having a volunteer in their home.
  • Phone calls can act as an introduction to Friends of the Elderly as an organisation and older friends may in time wish to avail of some of the other programmes on offer.
  • The service is available nationwide.

How to avail of the service

If you would like to receive a Friendly Call from a Friends of the Elderly volunteer, or if you are referring an older person to the service or would like to inquire further about the Friendly Call Service or any of Friends of the Elderly’s services please contact us directly:


Please contact us on:


Telephone: 01-8731855