Outings, Parties and Events

20150723_195043Our Outings

At Friends of the Elderly we believe that every older member deserves a break from their home, if only for a day out. Every year we organise a series of one day outings for our older members. Our wonderful volunteers look after our their older friends’ every need for the day. Many of our older members have told us that these outings are the highlight of their year. Trips vary between longer all day excursions throughout Ireland or assisted afternoon trips where older members can enjoy some company in new surroundings.

Our Parties

Friends of the Elderly celebrate different occasions during the year such as Christmas, Easter, St Patrick’s Day and many more occasions.  Our members love to dress up and enjoy the afternoon with some singing and dancing.  These parties normally take place on a Wednesday afternoon from 2-4.  We run 3 Christmas lunches in December for all our members and these are the highlight of our year.

Our Events

Each year Friends of the Elderly celebrates UN International Day of Older Persons. For the past two years a group of our members and volunteers met at the GPO in Dublin’s O’Connell Street and performed a line dance much to the delight of people passing by!

Local businesses and colleges also host different events for our members during the year.  These events are very valuable to our members as inter-generational activities can improve the standing of older people in society. These events can help to achieve a better community with a better quality of life for all ages.

Whether its visiting beautiful gardens or having a good knees up at one of our famous Christmas parties, Friends of the Elderly Ireland offers a wide range of activities throughout the year for you to enjoy and share with friends.

How to avail of the service

Members will be contacted either directly or through their volunteer about events or day trips that are coming up. If you would like to know more about our services,

Please contact us on:

Email: info@friendsoftheelderly.ie

Telephone: 01-8731855